October 25, 2006

The importance of speaking up

This is the other great thing that happened last week...

I noticed that in our work newsletter, they feature people's personal lives, like so-and-so had a baby, so-and-so got married and so-and-so produced a hip-hop album.

Well, I thought if they can feature all these people then I'm going to ask for a feature too, so off I sent an email. About 2 minutes later, I get a call from the marketing guy who wants to come see me in 30 minutes.

We interviewed, he took a picture and that was that. In the middle of the interview, I told him that my plan is to be coaching full-time in 3 years time, latest. He had some good ideas for me when he heard my current workshop is From Drab to Fab, and that we're covering self-esteem and confidence.

He suggested I speak to another markting person who is apparently organising something on self-esteem for the ladies at my company. I sent her an email which she then forwarded to our organisational transformation manager. We know each other from a committee we both serve on at work.

So we had a coffee on Tuesday afternoon and she is very excited. She is keen to have me do a one to two-hour lunch session once a month, each month on a different topic. This will all start next year. It's important for them that the somebody is a person our employees can relate to.

I'll put together a proposal for them when I'm back at work and we can take it from there.

Now how's that?

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