October 24, 2006


The reason I've been so quiet is because we're in Thailand!

I just wanted to blog this quickly because two wonderful things happened last week as I was finishing up and preparing for my trip.

A coach I admire greatly (in fact, her one e-course is listed on my website under Recommended) emailed me to see if I'd be interested in being an accountability partner with her. The weird thing is I had been thinking about getting together with someone for exactly this reason.

If you've been following my work for a while, you'll know that with my goal-setting courses and workshops, I strongly suggest that you make yourself accountable to someone. I've kind of kept myself accountable to you, my subscribers, in the past as whenever I want to work on something, I tell you and then go for it.

How did she find me? I commented on her blog in my usual straightforward fashion and it seems she appreciated my forthrightness.

Just goes to show - be yourself and good things will come to you!

Hope this encouraged some of you today.

I'll blog the other good thing in a day or so because this internet connection in the hotel is slow!!!


Teresa Olckers said...

Great!You are the 3rd person this year who have stressed this point. I am a firm believer too that this the one aspect that a lot of people are neglecting,yet it is so important! It even extends to our families,children to parents, husband to wife and visa versa. a lot of people go astray(in a lot of ways) because they are too scared to open up to someone reliable/trustworthy. A lot of people are scared of ridicule, but like you say straight forward honesty has never failed. Good going!

Marcia said...

Thanks, Teresa.

I know you strongly believe in accountability :)