September 29, 2006

Inside my Heart - Robin McGraw

Good morning to you

I can’t wait tell you about this book!

Robin McGraw has written a book and it’s out now. It’s called Inside My Heart - Choosing to Live with Passion and Purpose. Robin is Dr Phil’s wife (for those of you who don’t know) and I suppose I bought it because I’m such a big Dr Phil fan AND I’m insanely curious!


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I bought it on Monday afternoon, read it straight through and finished that night (except for about a 2-hour window to cook, eat and sort out a few emails).

It is really good - you get a real sense not only of her and her family, but also of how to make choices for your life. She really talks a lot about choosing the life you want (so there already I’m sold LOL).

I even brought it to work for a friend and marked off sections for her to read because we’d been talking about a specific aspect of marriage just recently.

Anyway, it’s really good - go get it and let me know what you think! Exclusive Books sells it for R123.

Happy reading.

Please comment once you've read it so I can see what you thought of it. Thanks

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