September 27, 2006

The beginning of wisdom

Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom. -Theodore Rubin, psychiatrist and writer (1923- )

Now for some words of wisdom from my better half...

I think I realised this at varsity & stopped putting such an emphasis on head knowledge & education - overrated.
- er, Dion Francois, pseudo-psychologist and writer (1970- )

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Arkim said...

It's interesting what your better half says...My view is that knowledge is power, formal or informal.The challenge for many people I think is how to apply it in everyday life.For instance, if one had paid attention in the biology class in high school,one wouldn't need to be paying a dietitian today..I have attented courses on communication, assertiveness,etc, I've always strived to express myself very clearly when I communicate and yet I have once been accused of speaking "as if I'm at work" and subsequently was not listen to and there was a what would be the point of learning the skills of how best to communicate if you can't use them in your personal life? So, 'head knowledge'or education is not necessarily overated,it's a pro-active way of improving one'self. Used effectively it would create better societies.Wisdom is good but unfortunately is only acquired through experience and many mistakes.