August 19, 2006

NKL353GP - you ROCK!

Yesterday I was driving home from work.

I travel along a very busy street with hundreds of other type-A personality drivers. [Notice I admit that I'm just like the rest of them] It's like survival of the fittest although, instead of a jungle, it's only Louis Botha Avenue.

If you, by any chance, get stuck behind a taxi driver who just stops without indicating, or a turning car, and your reflexes are just the tiniest bit off, that's it.

You will sit there in your car waiting and waiting until the road is clear again because nobody, and I mean NOBODY (not even I) will let you into the traffic flow again. Although to be honest, the cars whizz by at such a speed that you actually don't want to venture out at those low speeds.

Anyway, back to my story. So I'm driving behind a huge 4X4 so I can't see the road in front of me. Suddenly the 4x4 swerves into the next lane and I see why, but I'm just fractions of a second too late to do anything about it.

A taxi has just stopped without any indication. What's new?!

But then... a miracle happens.

I turn on my indicators to get back in the traffic and a car actually slows down, flicks his lights at me (which is Jhb-speak for "move it and get in front of me before I change my mind").

I was stunned beyond belief but I thanked him and moved to the right lane.

As I drove off, I felt so good about this random act of kindness that I smiled and waved to him again.

Now that was a good start to the weekend and it absolutely made my day!

So if anyone spots a metallic army green Renault, hoot and give him a thumbs-up!

August 16, 2006

Things I learnt from an Idols finalist...

I was listening to Jacaranda FM yesterday when Kieno was chatting to the latest two girls to get kicked off Idols.

Disclaimer - this is not an Idols commentary so please carry on reading!

Anyway, they told him what their plans are for the next few weeks. I can't remember what the one girl said (and don't ask me what their names are) but the other said that after she takes two weeks off, she is going to carry on working her business plan.

Now I'm going to sound like an old fuddy-duddy but for such a young person, I was very impressed and because of this, I know she'll do well.

Why? you ask.

  1. She has goals.
  2. She has a business plan to reach those goals.
  3. She made herself accountable to whoever was listening.
  4. She knows how to regroup from so-called failure (in the Idols competition).
  5. She is resilient and can laugh at herself.
  6. She knows to take time out for fun.
  7. She knows how to navigate obstacles.
  8. She believes in herself and her ability to be successful

Now, over to you. Do you have goals? And more importantly, do you have a plan to reach those goals?

August 08, 2006

Kaya FM

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I had a wonderful interview on Kaya FM today with Pat Cash and Ed today.

I was featured as a clutter control expert and we spoke about ..... wait for this.... decluttering!

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Was a lovely interview and I got some really good feedback from it.

August 04, 2006

This month's newsletter - saving time for what matters most

Hi all

This month's newsletter is available for viewing here.

Enjoy reading it and have a great weekend.