July 06, 2006

What saddened me on Tuesday...

A colleague and I were chatting today at work…

Her: Marcia, don’t forget to fill up with petrol tonight.

Me: Oh thanks – I’ll have to go either on my way to or from church.

Her: You go to church in the week?

Me: Well, yes… but to assess people (I help people to discover their passion and God-given gifts), not church church. Although we sometimes go to a cell group on Wednesdays but then again, that’s at someone’s house.

Blah blah blah – thought nothing further of it.

Later, another colleague comes up to me and says, I heard you chatting to so-and-so earlier and you were talking about church.

Me: Yes… (thinking, so what?)

Her: oh I just didn’t know you’re a Christian.

So I explain how we walked into our church and knew that God called us there and that was 13 years ago, and and and …….

The conversation disturbed me and I was thinking about it on the way home. I realised that it’s because I don’t hide my beliefs and I NEVER wanted to be known as a secret Christian. So why has my behaviour changed that people don’t just know this about me?!

I generally hold myself to impossibly high standards but to be fair to me, that lady has only been working at that desk for about a week. She is also very quiet and doesn’t talk to anyone but still!

In true Take Charge style I started thinking about how I can improve my walk with God. The obvious things like more reading of the Bible and praying come to mind.

I also thought that I should perhaps play more Christian music at work. As it is, I can’t get 94.2 at work because the 94.7 signal is too strong and I only turn it on from 10 – 10.30 for the time tunnel (classics).

Now I’m fanatical about my CDs leaving my house and going missing/ getting stolen so tonight when I got home I quickly copied some of my favourite CDs to the computer and burned a couple of discs.

I am now all set.

It has been going great. I am playing Audio Adrenaline's Live Bootleg at top volume in my car and loving it!

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