July 13, 2006

Weigh less vs Michael Connelly

So Dion sends me an email on Tuesday advertising a Michael Connelly talk (with cake & tea) and asking me if I want to go.

If you don't know who Michael Connelly is, you are dead to me. Dead! I'm joking but only just. Go right now and get any one of his 17 novels from Exclusive Books. And I am soooo serious - you will love his writing.

Being my usual doing-10-things-at-once self, I just see the heading, scan for the date (Thursday) and reply yes!!!!!!!!! So for once he doesn't procrastinate (!), books our places immediately and that night, wants to discuss transport with me.

I then realise that I have agreed to something right in the middle of the day AND it clashes with my weigh-less weigh-in. For most people this is no problem but I fear that I have become a tad obsessive about weighing. I will go weigh, knowing full well that the scale will not be kind to me, every single week. More about this later...

Anyway, after I calmed down and began to think rationally (the next day), I decided to go.

And wow - it was so good. He is such a normal, down-to-earth guy. The weird thing is he was sitting at the table next to us and we were chatting away ABOUT HIM at our table, totally unaware that he probably heard everything. After he was introduced and stood to go forward, my brain was racing, trying to figure out exactly what I said. D reassured me that I only said good things. Thank you, baby.

Anyway, I love knowing how he thinks and why he writes the way he does and I can't wait to read my next one - should start this weekend.

Back to the weigh-less story, I tracked my group leader down to another group in Houghton just so I could weigh in today. Lost 0.2kg.

There - I feel so much better. Now who said I'm obsessed?

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