May 31, 2006

Spending fast

Wow - today is the last day of May and I made it!!! This must be the first month in YEARS that I have not spent on books!

One of the newsletters I subscribe to challenged us to declare a spending fast during May. I took up the challenge because as many of you know, I am a severe bookaholic. I have been known to spend between R500 - R1000 at Exclusive Books in a month, quite easily.

Last week I had a number of emails advertising a book I would normally buy. I just clicked the links and took my credit card out of my wallet and started entering the digits when I realised "oh my word - what am I doing???"
Then I closed the webpage down.

Now that over a week has passed I don't even feel that strongly about the book. Which just goes to show how we're stuck in habits of instant gratification!

I have always justified it by saying "I can afford it and don't really spend on anything else" and "I'm investing in me". This is all true but what I have learnt this month is that if I delay my purchases, I don't want some of them afterwards.

I've now decided that I will set a limit for impulse buys and if anything is above this limit, I will delay for a week and see if I still want it. I figure if I really wanted it, I'll still have strong feelings after a week.

One of the ways I reached this goal is to not go near Exclusive Books. You see, I know that my resolve is not strong in this area so the solution is to remove temptation totally!

What are your impulse buys and what can you do to overcome them?

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