April 09, 2006

My other good habit for March

I received a voucher for a complimentary facial "for you and a friend" as one of my Christmas presents.

I then booked the facial and the lady sent me an email asking me what my skin type was. My friend and I were discussing skin types and all this stuff coincidentally on 1 March and she was horrified that I don't have a regular skin care routine.

So that night, 1 March, I started my cleanse, tone, moisturise routine! Now it takes 21 days to build a habit and I think I've got it done!

I only missed two days - first was 2 days later. We arrived home after having being at friends to find that the power was out. So since I couldn't even see to get dressed, I didn't bother.

The next time was when I was so sick on 18th March. I'm sure that you'll agree that when you can't keep anything down, the last thing you're concerned about is moisturiser!

The way I got this into a habit was to incorporate it into my bedtime routine. Every night, I put my work bag, gym bag (if I'm going to gym the next day) and my diary bag (has my diary, notebook and a small pencil bag) near the door. Then put the kettle on to make a cup of coffee. While the kettle is boiling, I get my face stuff ready. Make the coffee, alarm the house, and do my face, and then jump into bed for Bible and other reading.

I figured that the only way for this to work was to connect it to something else, and that coffee (or tea, in winter) is definitely a habit of mine.

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