April 04, 2006

Lessons from Weigh-Less

Thought I should give an update on what I've been learning and how I've been doing.

I've now been on Weigh-Less for 4 weeks and here is my progress:

Week 1 0.8 kg
Week 2 0.6kg
Week 3 0.2kg (this was when I was sick)
Week 4 0.6kg
Total 2.2kg !!!!!!!!!!

Last week our group leader told us that when Angelina Jolie was getting ready for Tomb Raider, she worked out 3 hours a day! Only joking - it's 3 hours a week. Apparently all you need is 3 hours a week - half hour increments are best.

Anyway, she also scared us half to death by telling us some ridiculous tales. For instance, an hour of cardio equals a Woolies muffin - something like that.

The point is that when we go to gym we think we can just pig out (yes, I can agree) but we could never burn up all the extra food we feel we're entitled to unless we exercise long and at a really high intensity. This is definitely how my weight problem started - I'd get home, absolutely ravenous, and think "well, I've just been to the gym so I deserve it". No!!!

So tonight I prepared supper, then Dion and I went to the gym for 30 minutes and when we got home, we ate. Much better idea!

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