March 01, 2006

Which good habit will you create this month?

Habits are actions we perform continually until they become routines. When they become routines, we don’t even have to think about them anymore. When we were first learning to brush our teeth as children, at first we had to really concentrate to get it right. Soon, because we did it daily, it became a routine and is (hopefully) now second nature.

The key is to build up a series of good habits that you automatically do without having to really work at them. My voicemail message on my phone says, “successful people do what unsuccessful people are not prepared to do”. I get a lot of interesting comments from people phoning me and that’s good because I want people to start realising the truth of it – successful people create many good habits in their lives that unsuccessful people don’t have the discipline to do. Ouch! I know that’s tough – I’m talking to me too. I have some good habits like goal-setting, financial, time management but two really bad habits (reading too much and going to bed too late, and not being consistent with a healthy eating plan).

So! I have decided to join Weigh-Less tomorrow where I will create some good eating habits and in so doing, lose a couple of kilos.

What good habit will you commit to do this month? Let me know by posting your comments. I’m also going to post some feedback every week to let you know how I’m doing, and I encourage you to do the same. It will be good to have a whole community of like-minded people.

Let’s do this together!


Teresa said...

About the newsletter......

I think the newsletter is great! quick, easy and interesting enough to keep you reading. I think I have mentioned to you before that I do not read long e-mails but I find myself wanting to complete it. Your challenges are also great - practical! I have been in the process of "decluttering" and have now gathered 2 bags of clothing, 1 bag of shoes and a box of crockery, all to be given away. I already feel relief and less pressured when I open my cupboards. I still have a long way to go .......but thanks for your encouragement.Teresa

Marcia said...

Thanks for the positive feedback, Teresa.

I think your decluttering is going just great - isn't that feeling of relief wonderful???

Let us know how you continue to do with the challenges.