March 21, 2006

TESTIMONIALS - Relationship boot camp

· The workshop was beyond my expectations. It was excellently presented. I realized today that there are some issues in my relationship which I have to work on. – Nola
· I enjoyed hearing the different views and the discussions. I have learnt something about how other couples discuss their problems and issues. I will use this to help myself improve. – Donald
· It was excellent. It was a lot of fun and I got to learn a lot more about my partner. – Alan
· I enjoyed the exercises as they were fun and eye-opening. – Nico
· I enjoyed finding out how my partner sees me as a person and knowing where I can improve myself and my relationship. – Tholang
· I enjoyed the way my strong and weak points were brought out so I can know where to focus on. – Kobus
· Well done – I really enjoyed everything. [3 weeks later – “we now don’t fight as much as we used to”] Angelique
· I enjoyed discovering areas that are lacking, and that need development and change in a non-confrontational way. - Charles
· I enjoyed this refresher on the importance of relationships and how you can grow together. Loved it. – Barry
· Very practical and relevant. Not just theory but practice too. Not too long or too in-depth. – Madelaine
· I enjoyed the section on partner awareness best. – Bernie
· The workshop assists you to think about issues, scenarios, etc. in your life as a couple, which you would perhaps not consider in a normal environment. – Teresa
· I enjoyed the discussion and sharing, and the review of personality - Lance
· The atmosphere was perfect and I got to learn more about my other half. It was an eye opener. - Henrik
· I enjoyed the friendliness of the facilitator and applying the information given at the workshop. - Claudia
· This workshop opened a new way of seeing things through the eyes of my spouse and not only through my own eyes. – Anthony
· I enjoyed being honest with and about my true self. - Carmen

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